Terms & Conditions

The Growth Chart is a site that provides a number of products for your child or business. We have a total of over 90 years of experience in business building loyal customers and creating positive messages in print. You can contact our store by email or call the number at the contact menu.

Our goal and policy is to create happy customers. We use third parties for transactions to take place between you and The Growth Chart. We can’t be held responsibility for the third party your payment is made to. Once a product is chosen, ordered and paid for, we will notify you upon receipt and again when your purchase is sent out for delivery. You can expect deliveries within 10 days to two weeks from the USPS unless severe weather or seasonal delay takes place.

Customer Care, Privacy & Safety

We do not store any of your financial information at our company. We depend on third parties that are accredited to handle transactions. You will receive a notice verifying your order was paid for and when we it begins the trip to your home.

Satisfied customers are our main goal. If at any time you have a question about our products or your order, please notify us by email or phone from our contact information.

Wholesale Inquires

Retailers, businesses, organizations plus all other requests for information are welcomed. Questions about our products, quantity discounts and how to display them can be answered by email or phone: see our contact information. Please allow 24 hours for us to contact you. Usually it will take a lot less time.

Payment Methods