Pages for Coloring

  • The Background Kids are images of the Chart-Kids faintly seen on all of our growth charts.  This sketch gives kids a chance to see them up close.
  • Boy Hero is an outlined image of the courageous Chart-Kid character on the boy’s growth chart.
  • Be On Time is the image of a young boy waving to mom and/or dad as the bus arrives for school or camp.
  • 3 Amigos is the outlines image of three good friends connecting with your child.
  • The Tooth Fairy is the image of a sleeping child that lost their first tooth and is expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.
  • Jump Rope shows three friends having a good time jumping rope.
Free Download

Download six black and white sketches used on the Growth Charts. Print them out: it’s a great activity for when friends are over, on sick days, snow days, on airplanes, etc. and an introduction to the charts.