You’ve heard the old saying, “a mother’s work is never finished.” Being a mom is one of the most important jobs you will ever play. With that in mind, I want to share a little secret with you I used while growing up and still have it today. So, whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, a Growth Chart can provide a helpful, friendly assistance molding your child’s imagination and direction. All you have to do is add it to their room decor.

What is a growth chart?
At first glance, it’s a creative piece of artwork and messages. It has a ruler on the side that provides a snapshot in time of a child’s height and insight into your child’s growth. Depending on their age and parent interaction, new firsts or milestones are recorded as they take place. While slowly traveling up the chart they are welcomed by positive images, events, and messages that parents and teachers often suggest that build quality personality traits. The growth chart has all you and your child need to be a conversation starter, memory builder, and recorder that will outlast any present or toy they will ever receive.
Why is it important, mom?

The Growth Chart provides memories of their “firsts” and the many exciting moments a child experiences. It might have the name of the first friend they met on the school bus the first day, their kindergarten teacher, a new game they learned, someone they met lending a helping hand or someone they sat next to in school. All those notes add up to a collection of the path up their chart. And years from now, the family will be able to reminisce back to the days they were packing their bags for the journey to adulthood. The growth chart offers this in a clean platter, it extends the capabilities of our memories. Each chart covers a specific growth range in the lives of your child. While they add to the room’s decor, they can be removed, folded up and saved when repainting or moving. It is something our kids will be proud of while showcasing the various stages of our parenthood and how much we have grown also.

Why is it important to Kids?

Each of our charts are tailored to your kids’ gender and age group to bring out the best in them. Kids are way more imaginative and creative than we would ever be. For them, there is a story in everything they see. They’ll be measuring their friends and using messages in the moment for conversations that can go on forever. Each character in our charts doesn’t only offer your child a catchy and intriguing cartoon sketch to look at; they also hold expressions and other elements that inspire children to be thoughtful, self-confident, an early planner, friendly, and happy.It is the perfect gift for any and every child (and parent).