Our Story

Mark Braun is a former art director, cartoonist and comic book illustrator. He serves as President of the Board of the Eisenhower Public Library in Harwood Heights, Illinois. He is the married father of two grown daughters, owner of one yappy little dog and loves to draw things that make children happy.

Barry Levy was the Creator of the iconic Chicago Moo & Oink brand. Children loved Moo & Oink mascots from their TV commercials and loved interacting with them. Married with three children, four grandchildren, and two Lhasa Apsos, he lives in Highland Park, Illinois. Barry continues to enjoy working on creative projects

The Growth Chart is an online storefront for children’s growth charts and positive materials. It’s the product of Barry Levy and the artistic talent of Mark Braun. While having lunch together one afternoon, thoughts ran back and forth and months later they are looking at growth charts.

Barry led Moo & Oink to become a Chicago icon with many fun promotions and advertising campaigns. One popular piece were Growth Charts. Over 100,000 of them hung in closets for years and years. Exchanging stories with Mark, they came up with the Chart Kids, a series of colorful cartoon-style drawings with positive messages that accompany them.

Two of our favorite kids are Markie and Barney: Markie is a genius and always reading to the kids. Barney is quick-witted and encourages everyone to be considerate. There is a specific style present in all the chart kids that is for interaction and reminiscing.